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Monthly Archives: October, 2014

And it ends with creepy face licking.

  Do I need to post the preceding two?  Eh, why not.  Or, if I’m Canadian, why not, eh?

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It continues.

In case you didn’t see this one last week:   And now:

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As long as she doesn’t try to snort it, we’re okay.

. . . because snorting pixie stix leads to pain and colourful snot.  Kids, learn from the lessons of the 80s — the sugar dust goes in the mouth, not … Continue reading

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How many times can I use the same pun? SO MANY.

I was sad when I drew the first necrotic owl because I had just used up the best neurotic owl pun I would ever come up with.  Luckily, I’m not … Continue reading

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Cue the extreme Gallagher fans.

I can’t help but think that I’m going to get shit for this from some huge Gallagher fans who strongly object to my referring to him as a prop comic, … Continue reading

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If you can dodge a hurtling miniature owl, you can dodge a ball.

It’s the only sport for which an insane terror of getting hit by the ball is actually helpful.

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In which I prove my nerd cred a teensy bit.

Of course, I took a photo last night of my cat watching Doctor Who, so I think further proof is unnecessary.   If you could read this (which you can’t, … Continue reading

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