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When I was little, my black Skipper doll was Artemis, so this is sort of a lateral move.


Also, Doctor Barbie was Aphrodite or Hera as needed; Ethiopian Princess Barbie was Demeter; and that same Skipper doubled up as Persephone.  Jem played all of the male gods because Ken dolls are boring and she was reasonably manly looking if you grew up watching Labyrinth.

It was partially that I was really hooked on Greek mythology, and partially that togas are easy to make (and partially that Greek myths offer lots of opportunities to whack your Barbies together in approved ‘how kids think sex works’ fashion).

Later on I learned to crochet and tried to make tiny Barbie sweaters to go with their poodle skirts (circle skirts are also easy), but I only knew how to do big loose stitches, so the pointy Barbie boobs always stuck out through the holes.

I have absolutely no good ending to this story.  It’s Friday, I’m babbly.

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