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Monthly Archives: December, 2014

Okay, maybe THIS is my favourite month. I’m fickle.

April, because of the showers.  And technically there are totally flowers in the May drawing, so yay!  Unintentional internal consistency for the win!

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and this, of course, would be June.

No power in the ‘Verse could stop me from drawing Inara as a baby bear.  You may join various naysaying friends in being uncomfortable with that choice.  The Book sparrow … Continue reading

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December! We’re getting there.

Thanks to one of my friends the other day, I finally know what I’m doing for September (Burning Man, anyone?), so I just need to finish the drawing and colouring on … Continue reading

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May the Fourth be with you.

As always, click to embiggen. Of COURSE I did this.  How could I not do this? P.S. – It’s not terribly visible because metallic ink does not scan well, but … Continue reading

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January — now with colour and a fox that looks like a fox!

Muuuuch better.  

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March! Because I forgot about Pi day, but again, that would have looked a lot like Thanksgiving.

Neurotic Owl is the Lord of the Flap.  His legs flail about as though independent of his body!

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In which I embrace the joys of a limited palette.

I have a passionate love affair with all of the colours, as certain non-black areas of my wardrobe will attest, but sometimes it’s just fun to narrow things down a … Continue reading

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