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Monthly Archives: January, 2015

And now for something three dimensional.

Well, not for you, because photos and computer screens aren’t great at that, but I promise it’s 3-D at my apartment.  I have cartoons, but I didn’t scan them last … Continue reading

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Now kiss!

So, first, let me say that hardly any of my friends are ever guilty of this, so before anyone gets all butthurt, remember that it’s not you.  Also, I kind … Continue reading

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Last one, until it isn’t anymore. I don’t know what that thing he’s holding is in the original illustrations, but in mine it’s a donut on a stick.

IT’s not implausible that I’ll eventually want to do more face cards, but for now, we’re moving on.  Not necessarily onwards and upwards, but probably onwards and sideways-ish. Ooh, hey, … Continue reading

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More playing cards!

Because I haven’t been quite ready to jump into another elaborate project yet (Tarot designs), but I am getting into a definite headspace.

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I was going to caption this ‘Neurotic Owl follows Suit’, but I lacked captions for the other two, so I left it off.

But now I’ve inflicted the terrible pun on you anyway.  YOU’RE WELCOME.

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Because who doesn’t want a frilly dress and combat boots?

Oops.  I meant to remove that extra pen line on her arm and forgot, and now it looks like she has something really weird going on there.  It’s my attention … Continue reading

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This is just my week for drawing excess, isn’t it? I should have added more hams.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things you can spiral slice, and I’m equally sure that I’ll find out in due course as V uses her spiral slicer on … Continue reading

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Because sometimes you just want to snap together Legos.

Building things with Legos is creative and great, but there’s also something soothing for me about just snapping the bricks together and taking them apart.  Don’t ask me why. Also, … Continue reading

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Because sometimes you just want to dig a hole.

Or bury your feet in sand, or make a lego tower, or wire a potato to a lightbulb.  Whatever.

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All hail the pickle lord, dill be unto him.

This may require explanation for you non-Facebook friends, or just people who weren’t around for my pickle-related descent into madness. So, first, this happened: Facebook posts, because I’m on a … Continue reading

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