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flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

And now for something three dimensional.

Well, not for you, because photos and computer screens aren’t great at that, but I promise it’s 3-D at my apartment.  I have cartoons, but I didn’t scan them last night because I got tied up with a different Photoshop issue, so here’s an old doll I made and just re-discovered in a box from my mom’s office:

He’s the Emperor of Cranes, inspired by both that weird coral-y thing that I found at Garden Ridge one weekend and what was then a passion for folding tiny origami cranes, and also my general baseline insanity.  I’m going to do some work on him – add a belt at his waist (partially to hide a construction issue) and bling the crap out of his stand.  It shall be ENCRUSTED.  Also, he’s topheavy as balls, so I’ll add a second, larger stand under the current one for stability, maybe painted like the moon.  No matter how I turned him, I couldn’t get it to show on film, but there are tiny paper cranes flying inside his belly.


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