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Advertising a teensy bit and Tarot card 0: The Fowl.

Hey everybody!  I just started a store on Teepublic, and any shirt design I add is only $14 for the first 72 hours (20 after).  So there’s only one design up right now; I’m planning to add more fairly gradually, so I’m not deluging everybody with a ton of quick decisions all at once.  Today’s the last sale day for this one:

Also, I’ve finally started working out how I want to do the Tarot card series.  They’ll be very much based on the old classic ones I picture when I think of Tarot, and since they’re fairly elaborate, I’ll probably be rolling them out gradually, between regular cartoons.  Here’s the start of the Fool drawing (which I BARELY resisted titling The Fowl).image

Sorry, you’ll get a better image when it’s done.

So, this is just a series for fun, not a thing I was planning to sell, but if people want it, I can certainly make some sets up myself when I finish.  Also, if there’s a design you want to see added to Teepublic, LET ME KNOW.  I would LOVE to give you what you want (in terms of t-shirts and cards.  Shut up, dirty mind.)


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