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Now kiss!


So, first, let me say that hardly any of my friends are ever guilty of this, so before anyone gets all butthurt, remember that it’s not you.  Also, I kind of let myself in for this, since I am not actually opposed to setups.  After all, my friends are great, their friends are usually great, so why wouldn’t I trust their judgement at least enough for a first date?  It’s not like I’m pulling in dates on my own.  It’s just, if you set a friend up with another friend and it doesn’t work out, please don’t ask them why?  You almost certainly won’t like the answer, and it’s just better for everyone if you let it go.

Sorry, I had to.

Anyway, the cartoon is just because I have this theory that happy couples keep Barbies of their single friends about and occasionally just smash them together to see if they think this pair’s a good idea.  Which is totally fair, because I’ve spent a week now smashing Rogue and Wonder Woman together, and it’s delightful.

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