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Monthly Archives: August, 2015

Moar outfits!

 And more to come tomorrow!

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Paper dolls! But unusually specific ones.

I told some friends I would do this AGES ago, but I was wrapped up in Tarot cards at the time and it’s taken me this long to circle back … Continue reading

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 I think one of the things I especially love about Aerin is that, when she realizes (spoiler) she’s in love with two different men, she doesn’t agonize over it.  She … Continue reading

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One more black and white, just because.

I feel more confident that lots of you have read The Hero and the Crown, because I read it in school, and because it’s probably McKinley’s best-known book.  Yerigs!  Folstza! … Continue reading

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Oh, all right. Have some colour! Have ALL the colours!

Again, ‘Spindle’s End’, Robin McKinley.  READ IT.

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Colour is overrated, right?

You get black & white today, both because this one kind of got away from me and the colouring is INTENSIVE, and because look how pretty!  Did that sound conceited?  … Continue reading

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Willow! The female one, not the one who saved Elora Danaan.

Although in my head, Willow Rosenberg is the very distant descendant of Elora Danaan, and the name got passed down in the family in honor of her hero.  Red headed, … Continue reading

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