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Just a quick PSA?

hf9I’ve talked about this before, but it bears occasional repeating.  If you’re having frequent crying jags, if you feel hopeless, if you have thoughts about hurting yourself — SEE A DOCTOR.  Lean on your friends too if you can, friends are great, but you need more help that your friends can give.  You might need medication, and I know that’s scary.  I was scared.

The thing is, it’s not all or nothing.  You don’t have to choose between going it alone and letting your brain attack you (the call is coming from inside your brain!) or being drugged into a zombie, which is a fear I hear a lot.  Talk to your doctor, because there are not only different medications but also different dosages.  There’s such a thing as starting small.   If your doctor doesn’t respect your fears, they suck and you should find a different one.  And I’m not just saying go get drugs; counseling is a thing.  It can help.

Just, don’t sink into the Swamp of Sadness like Artax.  Remember how upsetting that was and how you knew he’d make it out if he’d just taken Atreyu’s help?  Well, maybe, but he would have had a better chance.  The painfully schmoopy point stands, though; accept help when it’s offered.  Demand help if you need to.  Don’t try to survive alone.

We now return you to the internet with pictures of my cat in a bonnet.

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