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Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Comics for no reason!

There may or may not be posts coming for the rest of this week; I’ve started drawing a sort of mini-comic book about the time a giraffe stole my lunchbox, … Continue reading

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The Snow Queen (the other one)

 I asked this on Facebook already, but who’s read Joan D. Vinge’s ‘The Snow Queen’?  It’s a big juicy sci-fi novel based on the fairytale, and it’s pretty splendid.  I … Continue reading

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Nipple warning? And I swear a lot, too.

 Anyone who thinks the Little Mermaid isn’t a hard-core bitch hasn’t read the original story.  First, she doesn’t do it all for some dude, she basically uses the dude to … Continue reading

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The Snow Queen! The original one, not the sci-if one. She’ll happen soon enough.

 Oh, so many things to say about this fairytale.  Genda is fantastic and perseveres gamely through everything to save her childhood friend, even though the last time she saw him, … Continue reading

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Again, two levels for this quote.  Again, not the dress she actually had on for this song.  It’s a companion piece!

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