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The Snow Queen! The original one, not the sci-if one. She’ll happen soon enough.

image Oh, so many things to say about this fairytale.  Genda is fantastic and perseveres gamely through everything to save her childhood friend, even though the last time she saw him, he was being something of a douche.  The Little Robber Girl is clearly a sociopath, including the weirdly charming part.  (This Toast article is so good, I’m not even going to try.)

i’d been thinking about how there’s a depression metaphor here – that shard of mirror in Kay’s eye makes him an asshole, but also numb and unable to feel anything, and the word he can’t remember to spell out with the ice chunks is ‘love’, which is nearly impossible to feel around you when you’re really depressed — at least, that’s how it worked for me.

Or I could talk about puberty and the young girl’s journey-quest, but if I let myself start on that, this post will get ridiculously long and I’ll be late to work.  So pretend I said a thing, ok?

Oh, and I totally stole Gerda’s dress design from Carl Larsson,

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