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Tarot #11, Justice.

Which obviously needed to be Red Panda.  I did hesitate about putting him in a crown, but I decided he’d find it acceptable, since it’s the idea of justice, rather … Continue reading

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Tarot #8, Strength

So I’ve changed things again — in the Rider-Waite deck, the figure is holding the lion’s mouth shut rather than riding him, although she does ride the lion in other … Continue reading

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Tarot #7, The Chariot

This was one of the easier decisions I’ve made — while it might seem odd to pick Neurotic Owl for a card about strength and determination and bravery, he’s the … Continue reading

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Tarot #6, The Lovers

I’m anticipating some sort of backlash about replacing Adam & Eve with same-sex penguins — not because I think you guys are bigoted douchebags, but because you could conceivably argue … Continue reading

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He’s going to need a bigger hat.

. . . but at least the bunny is unlikely to eat him.  And he’ll be great at that trick where the magician turns his head all the way around. … Continue reading

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