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Tarot #8, Strength

8 strength

So I’ve changed things again — in the Rider-Waite deck, the figure is holding the lion’s mouth shut rather than riding him, although she does ride the lion in other sources.  I don’t have a real reason, either — it just worked better for me visually.  Anyway, Manic Pixie Otter has really stubby arms — getting her hands around the lion’s mouth without it being a mess might not have been possible.

I did make the lion looks as angry as I could, but he still seems pretty huggable to me.  Then again, I’m a card carrying crazy cat lady, so my idea of what constitutes a sweet huggable kitty might be skewed.


It’s okay because he’s murdering me with LOVE.  Also, why is my finger so pink?  What the hell kind of craft was I doing when he tackled me?

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