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Trigger warning?

So usually this is where, if you haven’t read the book, I say to do so, but there’s a caveat this time.  Robin McKinley’s Deerskin is an amazing and wonderful … Continue reading

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 I think one of the things I especially love about Aerin is that, when she realizes (spoiler) she’s in love with two different men, she doesn’t agonize over it.  She … Continue reading

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One more black and white, just because.

I feel more confident that lots of you have read The Hero and the Crown, because I read it in school, and because it’s probably McKinley’s best-known book.  Yerigs!  Folstza! … Continue reading

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Oh, all right. Have some colour! Have ALL the colours!

Again, ‘Spindle’s End’, Robin McKinley.  READ IT.

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Colour is overrated, right?

You get black & white today, both because this one kind of got away from me and the colouring is INTENSIVE, and because look how pretty!  Did that sound conceited?  … Continue reading

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