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aerin2 I think one of the things I especially love about Aerin is that, when she realizes (spoiler) she’s in love with two different men, she doesn’t agonize over it.  She just decides to spend the rest of Tor’s life with him, then take her still not quite human self off to Luthe, who’s proven that he’s good at waiting.  It’s a subtle way of saying that you don’t only get one chance at love in life, and I like that.

also, there are giant kitties and mik bars, which it turns out K and I pictured more or less identically – crumbly, texture similar to a Butterfinger, wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate.  I think they’re malt flavored; I’m not sure K ever decided what they taste like.  Either way, I want to share a few with Talat.

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