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Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Tarot #15, The Devil.

This card.  Oy, this card.  I had sort of known, in the back of my head, that it was coming and it was going to be a pain in my … Continue reading

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Tarot #14, Temperance

Absolutely none of my characters are in any way temperate, but Food Truck Hedgehog does have a certain Buddha-like calm.  Also, I like winged hedgehogs.

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This is not a Tarot card. This is something random.

  (Click to embiggen.) I went to a concert at a comic book store Friday night, because sometimes my life is awesome, and naturally I took my drawing stuff with me, … Continue reading

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Introducing Director Ferret, who’s probably going to become directING ferret.

‘Make love to the camera’ was a mistake.  Now the camera’s all sticky.  (From being licked, don’t be gross.  Manic Pixie Otter LOVES to lick inaproppriate objects — doesn’t she, … Continue reading

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Tarot #13, Death. AKA why I’m probably on a watch list somewhere.

Because you can add ‘cat skull’ to my recent search history, along with a bunch of other weird shit, and there are a surprising number of babies/children with ridiculous mustaches … Continue reading

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Tarot #12, The Hanged Man

Yay simple cards that happen quickly!  Yay blue tunics and red tights and yellow shoes!  Hanged man, you are following my Sesame Street mix ‘n match ethos, wherein all colours … Continue reading

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Tarot #11, Justice.

Which obviously needed to be Red Panda.  I did hesitate about putting him in a crown, but I decided he’d find it acceptable, since it’s the idea of justice, rather … Continue reading

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