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Monthly Archives: February, 2015

Introducing Director Ferret, who’s probably going to become directING ferret.

‘Make love to the camera’ was a mistake.  Now the camera’s all sticky.  (From being licked, don’t be gross.  Manic Pixie Otter LOVES to lick inaproppriate objects — doesn’t she, … Continue reading

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Tarot #13, Death. AKA why I’m probably on a watch list somewhere.

Because you can add ‘cat skull’ to my recent search history, along with a bunch of other weird shit, and there are a surprising number of babies/children with ridiculous mustaches … Continue reading

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Tarot #12, The Hanged Man

Yay simple cards that happen quickly!  Yay blue tunics and red tights and yellow shoes!  Hanged man, you are following my Sesame Street mix ‘n match ethos, wherein all colours … Continue reading

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Tarot #11, Justice.

Which obviously needed to be Red Panda.  I did hesitate about putting him in a crown, but I decided he’d find it acceptable, since it’s the idea of justice, rather … Continue reading

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Tarot #10, Wheel of Fortune.

I resisted the urge to have a sequin-gown-clad MPO spinning the wheel.  I think you should be proud of me. Also, this card kicked my ass.  Again with the really … Continue reading

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Sometimes I think ‘walking on eggshells’ isn’t clear enough to everybody.

Because if you’ve never lived in a situation where you had to constantly be monitoring another person, making sure you weren’t sitting in the wrong spot, or walking around too … Continue reading

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Tarot #9, The Hermit.

There were really no hard choices with this one.  Who else would be the hermit if not Hypersensitive Fox?  (About whom, more tomorrow.)

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Tarot #8, Strength

So I’ve changed things again — in the Rider-Waite deck, the figure is holding the lion’s mouth shut rather than riding him, although she does ride the lion in other … Continue reading

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Tarot #7, The Chariot

This was one of the easier decisions I’ve made — while it might seem odd to pick Neurotic Owl for a card about strength and determination and bravery, he’s the … Continue reading

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Tarot #6, The Lovers

I’m anticipating some sort of backlash about replacing Adam & Eve with same-sex penguins — not because I think you guys are bigoted douchebags, but because you could conceivably argue … Continue reading

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