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No big joke here. Just a thing I think she’d do.

One of my friends made a super awesome eensy weensy ‘Welcome to Nightvale’ zine, so there’s that. If you were wondering where I was the last few days (but you … Continue reading

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This is left over from the night we saw ‘Priscilla’, so now you know what song was in my head.

Unless he meets Joss Whedon, of course.  Or, apparently, George R.R. Martin.  Or possibly J.K. Rowling.  Dammit, writers, why must you kill the things I love? Except I can’t really … Continue reading

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Darn, I forgot to add some glitter.

I swear someday I’ll stop picking on bitchy Austin girl who haaates Houston and luuuurves Austin and tried to convince me that eating quinoa was the worst thing you could … Continue reading

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It’s VAN DAY! (That’s a thing now.)

Y’all! Y’all!  Remember this?  Remember how I said it needed expanding?  And then I waited with bated breath and you guys probably forgot it existed because you have lives and … Continue reading

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His mother named him Lance, but we call him Socially.

So this one was another special request, and sorry in advance, friends who’ve already seen it on Facebook!  Basically, I was at a party with friends taking pictures of Tiddles … Continue reading

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I may need to redraw this one in a larger format so as to give the van enough detail to do it justice.

Why yes, that is shirtless Gandalf in front of a rainbow with light-up nipples.  Why, what’s on your van? Actually, now that I think about it, I may also need … Continue reading

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More counting!

I may go back and add some colour to this one.  In case you’ve forgotten: In other news, according to you guys, I’m a Hufflepuff with Ravenclaw tendencies.  Common room … Continue reading

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Does anyone else refer to kneading as ‘making biscuits’?

Seriously, I just heard that phrase this summer, and it’s both charming and baffling.  It’s a lovely bit of imagery, but it seems like a thing you say once — … Continue reading

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I was super extra triple frustrated when I did this one.

This actually had two followups — ‘has to do everything himself’ and ‘needs a sleeping bag day’, but obviously I’m not worried about publishing in order.  I’m just saying, when … Continue reading

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Mime! Not as fun to say as clown, but still.

In fact, I think it would be fair to say that he’s LIVING in a box.  Possibly even a cardboard box. Sorry, now you’ll either be saying ‘Clown!’ or singing … Continue reading

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