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The rest of the outfits! Maybe. Probably. I don’t know.

  I’m not done yet, because I have a whole bunch of leetle instruments to draw, and the autoharp alone is going to take time.  There might be one more … Continue reading

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Moar outfits!

 And more to come tomorrow!

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Paper dolls! But unusually specific ones.

I told some friends I would do this AGES ago, but I was wrapped up in Tarot cards at the time and it’s taken me this long to circle back … Continue reading

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Introducing Violet! (AKA I made paper dolls again.)

Page three is my favourite because sexy high-heeled waders make me giggle.  She’ll be up on Redbubble sometime this week.  So, clearly this was me trying to draw a larger … Continue reading

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A leetle break, I think, after yesterday, and because a certain A requested an owl in a dirndl.  If he ends up marrying Christopher Plummer and becoming stepmother to 7 … Continue reading

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This isn’t a post.

But I swear there’ll be a real one when I get home — yesterday was a little stressful, since I found out while at the office five minutes before my … Continue reading

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So, I lied, but only a little bit.

Clearly I did not manage a post last night — work ran even later than expected — but I did scan things!  Hooray! So, for those unfamiliar with Passover traditions, … Continue reading

April 22, 2014 · 2 Comments

Paper Dolls! (The Endening)

Okay!  So these are available at my Redbubble store, along with all of the other colour ones (I’ll post the b&w sometime soonish), plus Art Nouveau and Zombie dolls!  Click … Continue reading

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OTTER. And some clothes.

I don’t like to pick favourites, but I do really, really like this set.  

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How many ways can you dress a hedgehog?

Apparently ten, at least this time around.

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