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This isn’t a post.

But I swear there’ll be a real one when I get home — yesterday was a little stressful, since I found out while at the office five minutes before my appointment (and a month after my last appointment) that my current doctor doesn’t take my insurance and I owe moneys and have to find a new doctor.  If you don’t think that sounds stressful, let me just say that they tried to take my heart rate twice and gave up because I was too upset and it was reading like I was headed for an attack of some sort.

Anyway, no cartoons scanned yesterday, but I do have some burning a hole in my little embroidered owl bag (thanks, I & M!) for when I get home.  In the meantime, why not go check out the new paper dolls on my Redbubble page?


Like these, for instance?

aureliappd1aureliappd2silasp2 silasp1

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