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A Midsummer Night’s Paper Dolls

Paper dolls, paper dolls, paper dolls yay. Click to embiggen. In order, Titania, Hermia, Helena, and Hippolyta.  I’m not doing all of these when they’re set – Shrew is going … Continue reading

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Hello again!

Let’s see if I can keep this more than once in a week streak up, shall we?  (Spoiler: probably not.) Juliet ahoy!  Should I add Lady Capulet and the Nurse?  … Continue reading

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No laptop no photoshop makes posting something something.

Ok, I actually do have PS Touch on my iPad, so I was able to sort of kind of give you an idea of how the Hamlet dolls will look … Continue reading

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Battle floofs in colour and a new project.

Oops, I thought I already posted this.  Tea painting is fun but also slow.  Next time I will brew it stronger. So the new thing – I am in the … Continue reading

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Ze paper dolls, zey are done!

I’m afraid the toy piano and the bells are just props, but everything else is holdable, if slightly awkwardly engineered.

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The rest of the outfits! Maybe. Probably. I don’t know.

  I’m not done yet, because I have a whole bunch of leetle instruments to draw, and the autoharp alone is going to take time.  There might be one more … Continue reading

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Moar outfits!

 And more to come tomorrow!

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