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Paper dolls and apologies.

Sorry, I keep starting back and then disappearing again when the world gets to be too much.  Anyway, I finally did start drawing a bit again, so here’s Blue and their first six outfits.  I’m super impatient to start coloring, but that way madness lies – I really need all the outfits done first so I can fill in any bits of visible skin all at once instead of trying to match shades later.

I have some separates to draw for them – jean jacket, Doctor Who scarf, Jayne hat, maybe some fun wigs, and I’m not done with full outfits yet either. If anyone has an idea they want to see shout it out and I’ll probably go off in an entirely different direction based on my past history.  Still, you never know.  Maybe this will be the time I actually take a suggestion like a normal human.

No tabs yet, I’m going to add those in photoshop so they’re actually uniform and pretty instead of my usual wonky almost rectangles.


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