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A Midsummer Night’s Paper Dolls

Paper dolls, paper dolls, paper dolls yay.

Click to embiggen.

In order, Titania, Hermia, Helena, and Hippolyta.  I’m not doing all of these when they’re set – Shrew is going to be bustle dresses, for instance – but I do love a Grecian Midsummer.  I always identify a ton with Helena, but in all of the worst ways – she has absolutely TERRIBLE taste in men, she blames Hermia because the terrible boy she wants picked her (not Hermia’s fault!), she makes, just, so many ridiculously poor life choices.  I love her.  I want to sit her down and have a talk about her feelings and whether she really loves that dick Demetrius or if maybe some of that wanting to f up Hermia’s elopement plans has to do with maaaaybe her feelings for Hermia?  Maybe a little?

“We, Hermia, like two artificial gods,
Have with our needles created both one flower,
Both on one sampler, sitting on one cushion,
Both warbling of one song, both in one key,
As if our hands, our sides, voices, and minds,
Had been incorporate. So we grew together,
Like to a double cherry—seeming parted
But yet an union in partition—
Two lovely berries molded on one stem”

Also, Hippolyta is all, “What, this labrys?  This is just a decorative wedding axe, totally chill, quite asking question, Theseus.  Our wedding night is going to be great and I will totally be your dutiful prisoner wife tomorrow and not a widow.  Ladies, let’s talk tomorrow about the benefits of the Amazon life.”

I’m casting these based on body position and attitude as much as anything – the Hippolyta doll is going to be a lot of assertive ladies because of her stance — but also Hermia specifically references being ‘low and brown’ (short and dark, or possibly tanned), and calls Helena a painted Maypole, so clearly there were height and complexion considerations too with them.


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