Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

Inktober continueth.


I almost drew one of my fuzzies shopping in the ‘husky’ section, but I was worried it would look like I was picking on them instead of expressing love for their cute little chunky butts.inktober6

Did I tell you guys about the new cat tree?  I feel like I did?  Just, if you live in an apartment with limited floor space such that you have to demolish your kitty’s old, exceedingly beloved cat tree in order to have room to build the new one BE PREPARED to feel like a monster while he clambers disconsolately through the wreckage and you try to screw the right bolts into the right posts as fast as humanly possible.  The new tree is a big hit though, and also less likely to fall to pieces every time he launches himself to or from it.inktober7

I like a choice of enchanted animals.inktober8inktober9

I aaaaalmost went dirty, but I couldn’t resist the image of a scared little owl hanging desperately from the inside of a swing.inktober10

Technically she’s draping, which is why it was important that the material be pleated because you (nearly always) flat pattern pleats and WORDS MEAN THINGS.

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