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Two posts in two days, what?!?!?

This was going to be just a super quick update to let you know that I got the formatting done for Blue on Redbubble, but also I realized I haven’t shown you my crazy embroidery bullshit in a while either.


If you don’t have a printer or just like having stuff printed for you, Blue is up in my Redbubble shop.  I managed to fit everything on two pages, size 16X20, though you can go smaller if you like coloring and cutting out mini stuff.  Also, I was only planning to enable art prints, but it turns out the paper dolls make kind of a cool looking print, so I put it up on everything that would let me set it as a repeating design.

Also, I can’t recall if I’ve shown y’all progress shots of the Anne of Green Gable embroidery any time recently, so here goes.  She’s a little crumply from being in the hoop, but actually not unimaginably far from completion.Photo Jul 03, 12 57 26 PM

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