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So much for that two day posting streak.

Anywho, one project leads to another, especially when you’re panstitchual, so naturally I was frustrated with my lack of a good bag for all of my knitting tools at the same time as I was wondering what to do with my blackwork stitch along when it’s eventually finished, and so naturally I designed myself a knitting bag that will end up featuring the blackwork on the front flap.

Also naturally I made it complicated and fancy because that’s how I do.

But it’s done now, I’m pretty thrilled with it, and I’ll be putting the pattern up for sale once I’ve gotten a few people who aren’t me to look it over.

The front!  “But wait”, you say, “that’s not covered in novelty buttons or beading or a thousand trims!  who even are you?”  That space is reserved for future crazy, remember?

I really wanted a pale pink floral somewhere in this thing, but I also really wanted to not go out in a pandemic to look for fabric and just use what I had.  At the last minute I remembered an old floral sheet set that came with my K-Mart comforter many years ago and was too cheap to use, so yay.  Pink floral.Photo Jul 20, 3 39 41 PM

The cord pocket!  This is where my circular needle cords and stoppers live.

I promise this whole thing is less worbly than it looks, I didn’t lay it out for photos super carefully and also it’s full of stuff.

Interior!!!!  Did you notice the two zippers on the photo there?  The other reason it’s a little less crisp than it could be is because I had the brainstorm to add the zip-down flap AFTER the whole thing was assembled and turned and that, my friend, is the wrong order.  But whatever, instead of rummaging inside a shadowy bag for the right size needles I can do THIS.

I’m slightly embarrassed by how many goofy button options I had on hand, and also slightly sad that I never really found a spot for the bunny buttons.

If I get really crazy I might embroider needle sizes on the pockets for easy identification.

Almost forgot, I still need to made the interior pouch so I can carry my WIP in the bag without it catching on needles.


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