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And now for something not particularly different.

So I don’t think I’ve shown you the blackwork project that’s going on the front of that knitting bag in a while. This is from the Peppermint Purple stitch along (you can find it on Facebook and her other patterns on Etsy), so it won’t be finished till the end of the year, since she releases one new block a week.

BTW, if I haven’t mentioned it before, I hardly ever use metallic floss to stitch with because it’s an evil nightmare. Instead I get Gütermann or Sulky machine embroidery threads. They’re thinner than a single strand of floss, but I quite like the delicate spindly look. They don’t kink and knot and shred near as badly as DMC metallics, you can find cool colors like the rainbow gold I’m using on this, and one spool goes a long way.

The one downside is that they’re slippery, so if you’re working single they like to jump out of the needle. When I’m working on Aida like this I actually knot the thread tail just past the eye of the needle – the knot is plenty small enough to slip through the holes. If I’m working on a tighter woven fabric, a little beeswax just on the end going through the needle helps stick the tail to itself.

Anyway, this will eventually be the front flap on my new fancy schmancy knitting bag, yay! *Kermit flail*

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