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So, I lied, but only a little bit.


Clearly I did not manage a post last night — work ran even later than expected — but I did scan things!  Hooray!

So, for those unfamiliar with Passover traditions, toward the end of the service the children/whichever adults feel like it go and open the door for Elijah the Prophet, and we all sing ‘Eliyahu, Hanavi”, and the grownups either sneak a sip from Elijah’s cup or just hope the kids can’t tell exactly where the wine was before the door opening and say, “Look!  Elijah came!”  And before you decide that’s weird, please consider strange men coming down chimneys with gifts and rabbits bringing chocolate and then tell me an invisible wine-drinking prophet is strange.  There’s apparently also a tradition my family never practiced wherein you fill the cup by everyone contributing a little from their wineglass, which seems like an awful plan both in terms of backwash and the variety of wines we usually have around the table.

Anyway, since I shortchanged you yesterday, I also prettied up & scanned some more paper dolls:

gretappdp1 gretappdp2

Coming really, really soon to a Redbubble store near you!  (Because it’s online, and thus, near everybody with web access, which I imagine includes all of you or else HOW ARE YOU READING THIS?!?!?!?)

UPDATE:  Guess who finally got off her ass and then back onto her ass, but in front of the computer, and uploaded these to Redbubble?  This girl!  Go, quickly!

2 comments on “So, I lied, but only a little bit.

  1. Michelle
    April 22, 2014

    I love the paper dolls!!!

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