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Goodbye, 2016. Can I have a pause button?

  This is where I’m supposed to be all, “Ugh, 2016, die in a fire,” but I just can’t.  This has been a scary and depressing and difficult damn year, … Continue reading

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Can’t move, cat on lap.

  When you reeeeally want to turn off the TV and go to sleep, but you’re TRAPPED.  I think I never published this one?  I drew it ages ago – … Continue reading

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And then podcast references that only a few of you will recognize.

There was a recent episode of the Judge John Hodgman podcast involving some dude who wanted desperately to buy a large and apparently rather ugly axe to hang over his … Continue reading

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THAT’S Murdercat!

If you don’t listen to WITs, but do share your life with one or more cats, this should still make perfect sense.  Oooh, one of the segments has been posted … Continue reading

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Did I mention that I work for an opera company?

I dare you not to sing that in your head. On a semi-connected note (clowns), I just started listening to the Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast and #5 is the best … Continue reading

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