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Back to Paris for a smiling lady.

I am SO grateful that my mother did not find it necessary to enter the scrum directly in front of the Mona Lisa.  If you haven’t been to the Louvre, … Continue reading

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Technically this isn’t Paris.

If you’re ever in Paris and you only get to make one day trip, the obvious one is Versailles, but I think Giverney is even better.  It’s Monet’s house and … Continue reading

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What, Paris again?

We technically only went to the museum portion of the Pompidou, since it’s also a concert venue and probably a few other things.  Also, it looks like a giant ship. … Continue reading

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Road trip part three! O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A!

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I think you all know by now that I spent a lot of my life training to be a professional dancer, and that that did not pan out.  This isn’t … Continue reading

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Introducing Ivanya.

Some of you aren’t friends with me on Facebook (because we’re strangers IRL), and this is your reward, because this silliness will actually be new to you.  For the last … Continue reading

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Bertie Shakespeare Smith! And some fairies. And a cupcake.

So if you like YA even a tiny bit, or if you just like awesome books and don’t care about genre (yay!), you should read ‘Eyes Like Stars’, by Lisa … Continue reading

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