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sharaI think you all know by now that I spent a lot of my life training to be a professional dancer, and that that did not pan out.  This isn’t exactly a rare story; between injuries, bad luck, and body changes, the number of little girls who want to be ballerinas is infinitely larger than the number who make it.  It ‘s not something I can be too sad about anymore, since I’m 36 years old, and my career would probably be over now if it had ever started.  It is something I mourned for, deeply and at great length, when I realized I would have to give up dancing if I wanted to try to salvage my mental health.  I’d always defined myself primarily as a dancer, so losing it was like losing my identity.

You can imagine, then, how important ‘Stardance’ was to me.  If you haven’t read it (go read it!), Shara Drummond is a stunning dancer who’s simply too tall and too curvy to ever work in the established system. . . and creates a new form of dance, in zero-g.  Written by Spider Robinson (brilliant, award-winning spec fic author) and Jeanne Robinson (brilliant, award-winning choreographer and Zen Buddhist).  Seriously, read it.


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