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Weekly thingy, a little late.

No big comment today, just a cartoon and a song I CAN’T GET OUT OF MY HEAD OH MY GOD MAKE IT STOOOOOOOOOP. And now I’ve either stuck you with … Continue reading

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I blame opera. And Spinal Tap.

Very sleepy after dress rehearsal last night, but ‘Norma’ has me in a druid sort of mood.

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Weekly thingy and a blast from the past.

Remember seventyleven years ago when I was having fun with the idea of drawing Jewish heroines as if they were Disney princesses? No? Me neither, almost.  I had a couple … Continue reading

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Hallo, friends.

  I haven’t forgotten you guys, but tech week is a harsh mistress.  Want to know what I did for the last seven days? Saturday – Tech, 10-10 Sunday – … Continue reading

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Introducing Director Ferret, who’s probably going to become directING ferret.

‘Make love to the camera’ was a mistake.  Now the camera’s all sticky.  (From being licked, don’t be gross.  Manic Pixie Otter LOVES to lick inaproppriate objects — doesn’t she, … Continue reading

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