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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

Because didn’t you always want to see an owl in a chastity belt?

This is not going to help my Google search terms list.

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I swear, I’ve had it in the back of my head to post all day today, but the front of my head has been busy figuring out what these people … Continue reading

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This one’s for my mom and also my. . . um. . . aunt-in-law?

My sister-in-law’s mother, that is, and it’s because she and my mother both love Impressionism immensely. If I ever have free time again (hah!), I’ll probably compile all the art … Continue reading

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Oh, did you think I was done with art owls?

By the way, A (not work A, different A), if you still haven’t seen ‘Mean Girls’ yet, I demand that you fix that.  I promise you will never, ever regret … Continue reading

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Talking to other humans, eep.

And I agree with him.  Making phone calls is terrifying and a leetle bit panic-inducing and nauseated-making.  In fact, my most hated part of my job is the phone calls … Continue reading

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Leeetle format change on this one. Canvas is easier to not set on fire.

You know that moment where you want to work with encaustic but you don’t have terribly good melting supplies and you can’t find your tjanting tool, but it’s not worth … Continue reading

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It’s VAN DAY! (That’s a thing now.)

Y’all! Y’all!  Remember this?  Remember how I said it needed expanding?  And then I waited with bated breath and you guys probably forgot it existed because you have lives and … Continue reading

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