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Monthly Archives: September, 2013

He should probably hire a handyman. Handyowl? Handylemur, I think.

RED ROOM. I honestly haven’t decided whether he lives in a house or a nest or a burrow, but whatever it is, that accent wall was a bad idea.

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Because really, what else would he use the ring for?


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Saturday! Do you like. . . CALENDARS?

Nope, don’t know why I typed it that way, either.  Anyway, here’s what I’m currently playing with for a Redbubble calendar for 2014 — opinions please?  Do you wish each … Continue reading

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Seriously, y’all, my favourite thing about all of the yogurt-by-weight places is that I can get as many kind of sprinkles as I want/they have and they don’t charge extra.  … Continue reading

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Happy 5774! (Or, y’know, random day of 2013, if you’re all Gregorian and shit.)

‘All Gregorian And Shit’ is my new band name.  So if you haven’t spent the last day or so eating brisket and tsimmes and challah with honey and apples with … Continue reading

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Ewww, greasy otter. Wait, does that sound like a euphemism?

Greasy pixie otter wants a hug! New euphemism Wednesday w00t!  (That’s not a thing.  Yet.)  Sorry, A, for turning your pain into a cartoon, and also for calling you Snape.  … Continue reading

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Oh, hello there!

Yaaaaaay *Kermit flail*.  I made it back to you!  I know, all five of you are deeply, deeply thrilled. I think you know my stabby burny feelings regarding this whole … Continue reading

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Oops. I forgot to scan drawings last night.

So you get nothing.  Nothing!  NOTHING! I’ll aim to post when I get home from work, but I may get too busy on the show I’m designing and run out … Continue reading

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Makeup by Adobe, of course.

This actually does relate back to that museum trip — there was another really nice exhibit of photo manipulation before Photoshop, starting with novelty and art photographs from the Victorian … Continue reading

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