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Seriously, y’all, my favourite thing about all of the yogurt-by-weight places is that I can get as many kind of sprinkles as I want/they have and they don’t charge extra.  Having to choose between rainbow sprinkles and jimmies is just cruel.  I mean, rainbow, obviously, but both is even better.

Also, mochi lumps on mah yogurt please thank you.  It’s extra handy that my two favorite toppings are both super light.  My mom loves fruit on yogurt (heavy) and also has trouble with portion control when you hand her a big giant cup and let her self-serve, so she can easily end up with a ridiculous $10 cup of yogurt that she will NEVER even finish.  I love you, Pinkberry/YogurtLand/Menchie’s et al., but we all know why your cups are so big.  You’re not fooling anyone but my mom.

Man, now I want yogurt.  Somebody please deliver to the opera basement now please?

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