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A promissory note.

I didn’t get cartoons scanned last night because my car was dead, so first I waited for roadside assistance and then I had to go to NTB and then they let me sit there for an hour BEFORE THEY EVEN PULLED MY CAR AROUND and then they finally replaced my battery and terminal, but then I had to drive around for a while to charge the alternator or something of the sort, and also to EAT SOMETHING.  And those of you who’ve never been on a road trip with me may not know this, but when you don’t feed me for a long time I get bitchy, and then I get weepy, and then, if I still don’t eat, I eventually faint like a pathetic swoony romance novel heroine, except I never get caught and carried to a comfy couch/bed/pile of hay by a sexy man.  The last time I actually fainted was years ago when I was working as a summer camp counselor, because I also get heatsick easily, and I woke up to one of my campers dancing around singing ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’.  Thanks, kid.

Anyway, nothing of value happened last night because my car battery was doing its best to dissolve into a pile of blue-green toxic mush, so cartoons later.  Right now I feel like this:


And I would love to be home doing this:


Or even this:


Unfortunately, I’m not independently wealthy, so instead I’m at work oiling 50 hangers so that they’ll swivel easily enough for quick change shoe bags.  W00t, indeed.

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