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Monthly Archives: July, 2015

And then Pratchett again. Because I love Terry Pratchett, and I most especially love Susan Sto-Helit.

I love characters who dress in all black somewhat less, but for you, Susan?  Anything.  Even adding ‘rat skeletons’ to my Google search history, which is probably making for fascinating … Continue reading

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Bertie Shakespeare Smith! And some fairies. And a cupcake.

So if you like YA even a tiny bit, or if you just like awesome books and don’t care about genre (yay!), you should read ‘Eyes Like Stars’, by Lisa … Continue reading

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Something old, something new. . .

Note to self – if you’re going to draw more white dresses with really faint detail, just go ahead and put a heavy line of colour around the edge before … Continue reading

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In which I’m really not being that picky.

So while picking a quote for my Coraline illustration, I did a Google search for ‘Coraline quotes’ to see what resonated with other people, and I found something HORRIFYING. (Don’t open … Continue reading

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Sorry. If you follow cartoons where every character is in some way my alter ego, you’re going to see me talk about myself way too much.

Ugh, me.  Gross. Yesterday I bitched about my hair, so today I shall celebrate it!  Because it’s all very well to say that we should love ourselves as we are, … Continue reading

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SNOWCROTCH. It’s a band name and a horrible, horrible fate.

Have I mentioned my prematurely white hair?  It runs in the family; I started seeing them at 16, and 20 years later, I’ve got almost totally white bangs and temples … Continue reading

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And now, a leetle story.

AKA how Nara spent her Saturday morning.  Goodbye, $2.50.  I hope you go to a good cause, but it’ll probably just be the laundromat owners.

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