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And then more fairytales.


So I know a bunch of you haven’t read Jim C. Hines’ princess series (beginning with ‘The Stepsister Scheme’), but you really should.  They’re great and full of awesome ladies, which is why I couldn’t resist adding Snow, Talia (Sleeping Beauty), and Danielle (Cinderella) to the set.  The tone is somewhat reminiscent of Mercedes Lackey’s 500 Kingdoms books, and higher praise I cannot bestow, and they walk the line between funny and dark and high adventure really, really well.  I don’t want to be spoilery, but for Snow, I think I can safely say that she uses mirror magic, awesome sharpened steel snowflake throwing stars, and her irrepressible flirtiness to great effect.  It’s always nice to find a character who’s just totally in charge of her sexuality and completely unashamed of it, and having 3 female leads (not including Queen Bea, who’s also delightful) gives room for one character to be a little bit joyfully slutty without that being representative of all women.  (See how that works, Marvel?

I just realized I made her feet way too small.  Goddamnit.

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