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At least, not without a lever and a firm place to stand. Wait, that’s move me. Never mind.


I haven’t been ignoring the numerous requests to do Avatar characters — I still haven’t seen ‘Korra’ yet, but I also just wasn’t sure how to approach drawing a character who’ already a drawing.  The problem is that I do a fair amount of reproduction work for my shrinky-dink jewelry and I used to do a moderate amount of the same thing in a larger format for set paintings, and when I look at a piece of art that’s already not wildly different from my usual drawing style, it’s hard to figure out how not to just copy it line for line.

The solution was simple — watch episodes instead of looking at stills.  Without one static image to copy, I can work much more freely and still make sure I get the details right.

Blah blah blah excuse to rewatch Avatar. 🙂

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