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Sorry. If you follow cartoons where every character is in some way my alter ego, you’re going to see me talk about myself way too much.

Ugh, me.  Gross.


Yesterday I bitched about my hair, so today I shall celebrate it!  Because it’s all very well to say that we should love ourselves as we are, without makeup or hair dye or those weird girdle things some jackass was trying to sell at my gym last night (nope, I like breathing while working out), but we should also be able to use our selves as a canvas and paint what we want ALL OVER THE PLACE.  So two weeks ago my amazing friend V, who is outstandingly good at hair and makeup and general girliness, painted mah hair navy blue, and it’s awesome.  I lurve it with a capital lurve.  It makes me feel like a superhero or a cartoon character or something.

Still a little wet here, but the lighting at C & V’s is apparently the best lighting ever.  It dried that dark anyway.

And THEN my friend M gave out these ridiculous enormous Sephora makeup kit things that she keeps getting as unwanted gifts, and so between owning every possible colour of eyeshadow and buying nail polish that matches my hair, I’m being surprisingly high-maintenance lately.  Sometimes it’s fun to paint yourself colours.

Tomorrow, a cartoon about people who aren’t MEEEEEEEE.

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