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It’s going to be Halloween-related cartoons for a while, here.

I was going to draw Neurotic Owl in a ghost costume with way too many eyeholes, but then I remembered that I already did this: a while back, so another … Continue reading

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Darn, I forgot to add some glitter.

I swear someday I’ll stop picking on bitchy Austin girl who haaates Houston and luuuurves Austin and tried to convince me that eating quinoa was the worst thing you could … Continue reading

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I swear, I’ve had it in the back of my head to post all day today, but the front of my head has been busy figuring out what these people … Continue reading

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This isn’t a real post. This is just a thing.

So I’ll get more cartoons scanned when I get home and do a real post then, but I was just thinking about this, and god forbid I have a thought … Continue reading

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200 posts! Good lord.

I couldn’t decide which drawing was fun enough for the 200th post, so here.  Have a ton (of my old favourites)!

July 28, 2013 · 2 Comments

Sorry I was too tired last night. Have a bonus link!

He would have drawn the mascot on the flag if he knew what it was.   Since I’m currently working for my . . . wait, it’s not your alma … Continue reading

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Saturday! I have not time for non-work art right now, so. . . .podcasts anyone?

I listen to a LOT of podcasts.  No, seriously, a ton.  They make me happy when skies are grey and fabrics are blotchy.    If you’re fancy enough to read a … Continue reading

July 20, 2013 · 2 Comments


Mostly because it’s less hot there (stupid Texas!  stupid global warming!), but they do also have prescription drugs and maple syrup/maple candy, and poutine, and cherry timbits.   Tiiiiiiiiiiimbits.  And moose. … Continue reading

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And now back to your regularly scheduled cartoons, which don’t have to rhyme.

Hooray!  If I do eventually do a counting book with Manic Pixie Otter, remind me that doing it in rhymed couplets is a dumb plan.  I’ll still do it, but … Continue reading

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Dude, when I do learn to ride a bike, there will be streamers and a basket and a bell. I’m basically Pheobe.

Phoebe from ‘Friends’, not Phoebe from Eight Cousins.  I also make up really stupid songs for my cat. If you’re laughing now and wondering how a 34-year-old woman manages to … Continue reading

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