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You know what’s even more unsettling than wearing a mask of your friend’s face? Voter apathy.

Will not rant, will not rant, will not rant. . .  YOU HAD ONE JOB, VOTERS!  And dumbasses who can’t understand what they’re voting for did that job, and now … Continue reading

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SNOWCROTCH. It’s a band name and a horrible, horrible fate.

Have I mentioned my prematurely white hair?  It runs in the family; I started seeing them at 16, and 20 years later, I’ve got almost totally white bangs and temples … Continue reading

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More cartoons tomorrow, I promise! In the meantime, an open letter to my newly-graduating theatre tech buddies.

I failed at scanning cartoons last night, but I have lots, so tomorrow, definitely. In the meantime: Dear tech theatre students, Yay!  You’re about to graduate!  That’s AWESOME! But please, … Continue reading

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In which I give you a case of the Friday sads. Sorry.

I wasn’t going to end the week on a rant, but there’s this incurably smug bitch who shall remain nameless who was talking about mistakes other people have made in … Continue reading

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An excessively long post in which I piss off cupcake devotees.

  Hiiiiii, guys.  I know, it’s been a few days, right?  Well, Friday I was at Comicpalooza (also Saturday and Sunday) and not really thinking about carblogging or blogtooning or … Continue reading

May 27, 2015 · 2 Comments

On loving problematic things — or things created by problematic douchebags.

Two things happened to put me in this headspace: Jenny Trout wrote an excellent post about her own struggle with art vs. artist, and this particular rhyme for ‘neurotic’ popped … Continue reading

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And also fantastic singers.

So I published this last week while I was scheduled a ridiculous number of fittings in a super short time, and I was a tad frustrated.  I’m concerned that one … Continue reading

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Motherf*ing singers.

And actors, and dancers, and anyone I have to schedule fittings with, really. And look, 98% of my current regulars are SPLENDID, so really, the 2% are ruining things for … Continue reading

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Today will be upsetting.

We’ve all been talking about spousal abuse a lot lately, for reasons I’m sure you’re aware of.  I just want to add my voice to the many people asking you … Continue reading

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Have any of y’all ever been to Le Petit Hameau, Marie Antoinette’s faux-peasant play village?  I got to visit it in high school, and it’s gorgeous and charming and so … Continue reading

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