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You know what’s even more unsettling than wearing a mask of your friend’s face? Voter apathy.

Will not rant, will not rant, will not rant. . . ack8no411no410

YOU HAD ONE JOB, VOTERS!  And dumbasses who can’t understand what they’re voting for did that job, and now Houston is a worse place to live AND the rest of the country thinks we’re assholes because you couldn’t be bothered to fucking vote!

Houston went democrat in the last presidential election.  Houston chose a Democratic lesbian mayor.  So the only reason Houston doesn’t have an equal rights ordinance is because YOU BITCHES DIDN’T VOTE.  And look, we’ll get there in the end, but the end should be fucking now.

Oh, this is still Drawlloween – grave, demon, mask.  Whatever.

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