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Have any of y’all ever been to Le Petit Hameau, Marie Antoinette’s faux-peasant play village?  I got to visit it in high school, and it’s gorgeous and charming and so completely out of touch with how real peasants lived.  There’s a lovely photo tour here.

And look, she was young and sheltered and possibly not the sharpest tool in the shed, so I’m not ragging on the lady for thinking that dressing up in gauze and ribbons and picking flowers with her handmaidens is ‘the simple life’.  I’m saying that it’s awfully easy when you live in one world to not understand another.

This will seem like a non-sequitir, but you know that story that’s fucking everywhere about the dude who claims he bought all the pies at Burger King to punish a child for being irritating?  That dude is Marie Antoinette.  He’s never been a mother; he’s clearly forgotten what it’s like to be a child.  He has no idea if the kid was melting down because of a long day without enough food, or a ton of little frustrations adding up right then, or just because kids melt down sometimes.  They’re not mini-adults — their brains are not wired for a lot of things yet, including delayed gratification, impulse control, and emotional stability.  (When I eventually get wired for those things, I’ll let you know.)  And yes, you should teach your kids to behave in public, but that’s a process, not an instant change, and no power in the ‘verse will stop a kid from throwing a tantrum sometimes.  Maybe you should act like an adult, bitchy dude?  Maybe you could use your magic adult powers of reason and self-control to wait it out, or even to try and empathize  with a woman stuck in line with a screaming kid in the middle of the mall?

(If, of course, this story were a thing that had actually happened, which I sincerely doubt.  I’m pretty sure it’s just ‘Look how much I hate kids!  Hurr hurr hurr.’ posturing from an entitled douchebag who gets off on other whiny bitches thinking he’s awesome.)

Empathy.  It’s a thing.  Try it sometime.

Also, if I could afford a play village, I’d totally own one too.

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