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An excessively long post in which I piss off cupcake devotees.


Hiiiiii, guys.  I know, it’s been a few days, right?  Well, Friday I was at Comicpalooza (also Saturday and Sunday) and not really thinking about carblogging or blogtooning or whatever the hell this is, and Monday was the Monday after three days of con, so no brain, and Tuesday Houston turned into Waterworld, so I’ve been a skosh distracted.

Anyway, since I’ve been spending so much time sewing or drawing or coloring , I’ve been watching a ton of Cupcake Wars on Netflix, becuase it’s entertaining enough that it keeps me working and fomulaic enough that it requires hardly any attention.  Still, I couldn’t help noticing the headbands.


Seriously, the motherfucking headbands.  (And hair clips, and fascinators, and tutus, and decorative aprons, and inexplicable rainboots.)

I don’t care that this isn’t a great headwear picture, because LOOK AT THIS SHIT.

Can’t decide if cupcakes are big enough to balance my many bracelets.

Sequined tam, yo.

Is that a Pennyblossom?  It totally is.

Wait, was it raining in part of the kitchen and I didn’t notice?

Oh my dear no.

This is really less about the fairly normal headband and more about whatever’s going on on that apron.

Nope, can’t hate.  These guys are adorable.

How many rhinestones can YOU count?


Look, we all know that I love me some twee, but there really does seem to be some kind of infectious parasite that attacks people who devote their lives to cupcakes and forces them to love lace and glitter and feathers and flowers to DISTRACTION.  Also, why so much loose fucking hair?  Do you people not shed?  Aren’t there laws about that?


Oh, and also, the term ‘cupcakery’ is painful to myself and all right thinking people.  I love a good portmanteau as much as the next wordy girl, but that one hurts.

In conclusion, if someone with more free time than me could go through reams of episodes and put together a supercut video of every hair ornament on the show, that’d be swell.


2 comments on “An excessively long post in which I piss off cupcake devotees.

  1. Ovis Obscura
    May 28, 2015

    Those blue dresses with the black crinolines, though. I would totally wear those. But not while baking — not without a serious apron, anyway.

    • naralesser
      May 28, 2015

      Exactly! I like some of the outfits (not all of them, terrifying crinoline blond girl), but these people seem less concerned about baking than about looking like whimsical bakers.

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