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I don’t know what brought this on, except that I haven’t drawn him running out of frame in a while.

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Burning Owl.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to get a certain amount of backlash from various Burning Man/Burning Flipside/tent party devotees on my friends list about the douchey faux tribal border, but … Continue reading

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This may be the worst thing I’ve perpetrated upon you, my six readers. Sorry.

I couldn’t resist.

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You won’t be able to unsee this.

You’re welcome.

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You get a rerun today, because I was busy last night totally failing to cook anything for the Rosh Hashanah potluck tomorrow.

So when I turn up with a store-bought something, my excuse will be that I was busy totally failing to scan cartoons for my blog.  It’s the circle of bullshit. … Continue reading

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Road trip!

So my mom and I drove up to Denton this weekend to visit my brother and his wife and THEIR KITTENS (These guys, but bigger now.) and it was mostly … Continue reading

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If I were in charge of a country or principality or dark empire or whatever, I would want a throne made of pillows.

Pointy thrones made of swords may make you look badass, but the effect will be negated somewhat when you have to sit on one of those inflatable rubber donut dealies.  … Continue reading

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