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And the party will be stripey.


Seriously, who doesn’t love the ridiculous glittery fashion elf who is Betsey Johnson?  She’s like the magical love child of Lisa Frank and Tim Burton, but more awesome.betsey-johnsonWhen people talk about a designer embodying their brand, she and (Dame!) Zandra Rhodes are the two that I can’t help but picture.  Also, can there please be some sort of sitcom where they move into a house together?  Like The Odd Couple, but with SO MUCH more makeup?  Someone write that thing, please, and then, if possible, film it with kittens as the actors.


Don’t put makeup on the kittens, though — just add it in post.  I’m leaving this up to you, internets.  You have one job.  (A sitcom pilot starring kittens as Zandra Rhodes and Betsey Johnson, who are roommates for some reason, in case that was unclear.  Get on that.)

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