Neurotic Owl

flying through clouds of uncertainty on wings of existential dread

If I were in charge of a country or principality or dark empire or whatever, I would want a throne made of pillows.


Pointy thrones made of swords may make you look badass, but the effect will be negated somewhat when you have to sit on one of those inflatable rubber donut dealies.  My throne shall be made of feather pillows, or maybe a moon bounce, but covered in velvet!  Oooh, bouncy throne. Also, there should be a hassock with a mini bookshelf, which my minions will keep stocked with fresh books, and possibly some sort of small cooler insert full of snacks and beverages.

I started to say marshmallow throne originally, but that’s how you get ants.  Or, more likely, how my royal retainers come in one morning to find me passed out from sugar overload next to the world’s biggest S’more.

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