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You get a rerun today, because I was busy last night totally failing to cook anything for the Rosh Hashanah potluck tomorrow.

So when I turn up with a store-bought something, my excuse will be that I was busy totally failing to scan cartoons for my blog.  It’s the circle of bullshit.

This is a rerun because I’m rather fond of this one, not for any specific reason.  Although now that I think about it, apples are a Rosh Hashanah thing, so there you go.no67

Happy Women’s Day!  Remember, just because an elderly woman offers you an apple, that doesn’t mean she’s necessarily an evil witch trying to kill you so she can stay the prettiest.  Sometimes an apple is just an apple.  Of course, sometimes it’s poisoned or a grenade, so maybe get somebody you don’t much like to taste test it first.

Also, just because a man wakes you from an enchanted sleep, that doesn’t mean you need to marry him.  You should probably give at least a little consideration to the fact that he goes around kissing apparently dead strangers first.


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