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Monthly Archives: February, 2014

Luckily, he did NOT misunderstand the recipe.

Funnily enough, you can absolutely google spotted dick with no issues at all — I don’t know how many pages you have to scroll through if you’re WANTING disgusting pictures, … Continue reading

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What we have here is a fundamental misunderstanding of food names.

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And now, I get a song stuck in your head for the rest of the day. You’re welcome.

P.S.: If anyone could please explain to me what the hell caused that song to exist besides copious amounts of drugs, that would be awesome.  See also: At the Zoo.  … Continue reading

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In which I obsess about completely meaningless things. Again.

I was so close to calling it quits on this and saying that I was out of ideas, and then the night before last I drew SOOO MANY cartoons, so … Continue reading

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Reruns and riding hoods.

Ummm. . . so. . . I was not so much with the scanning last night because I got busy fixing the problems with my Rogue costume for an event … Continue reading

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Introducing the original inappropriate beaver.

And a thumbs-up of approval from L.  In case you can’t read it, because you almost certainly can’t, the cartoon is another iteration of ‘No one expects Inappropriate Beaver!’ because … Continue reading

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I drew on the walls. It was delightful.

One of the many delights of Houston + my friends is the arts community.  So, Saturday I went with my buddies to the Lawndale Art Center, where they had covered … Continue reading

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