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Justice/The Frog Prince’s Princess, oy, what a title

The story is called The Frog Prince but giving the princess no billing when she’s the one who spends most of it making stuff happen seems weird, right?

I don’t know if this is the perfect fit for Justice, but it felt instinctively right to me and if I can’t be all woo-woo instinct and subconscious connections when drawing Tarot cards WHEN CAN I?

So this is particularly the princess and the frog striking their deal; he retrieves her golden ball, she brings him back to the castle to eat of her plate and sleep in her bed and such. And in the end she gets rewarded for keeping the deal with a handsome prince, which, not everyone’s cup of ovaltine, but if you’re going to do fairytales you’re going to have to sign on for that being a great reward. Of course in the original story she doesn’t turn him back by kissing him – she fucking throws him against the wall. Hard. Like, splat, eek, oh hey good thing I’m magic and apparently being bean-bagged into the wall fulfills the terms of the curse somehow. She’s kind of a selfish little monster (but also in the story is a child; I aged her up for ick child bride reasons, and children are frequently selfish monsters), but also the frog is pretty creepy with the eating off her plate and sleeping in her bed, particularly since he knows he’s not a frog. So there’s a certain balance there I guess.

Mostly I went with the square deal, held to by both parties, as one kind of justice. The other bargain story that springs immediately to mind is Rumplestiltskin, but in that case there is no justice; the deal’s made under substantially more duress than some rich kid who wants her ball back, and it’s not completed.

And yes, her outfit is waaaaaaaay too fancy for being out in the garden playing but also she is playing with a literal ball of gold, fancy is clearly her thing, and practical is clearly not.

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